How’d It Go and Now What?

I feel pretty good about my Whole30.  I think I had two meals that were not Whole30 compliant.  The dressings on the salads from lunch on the 8th most likely had some sugar in them and lunch on the 28th had a mayo & yogurt based curry dressing.

I cooked a lot more than I normally do and enjoyed it.  I think the family did, too.  The only dish that I for sure will not make again was from dinner on the 20th.  Everything else fell somewhere between great and pretty good.  The only dish I cooked twice was Whole30 Grilled Pan Seared Salmon with Avocado Salsa.  I made it on the 26th and the 6th and can’t wait to make it again.  It was a hit with everyone.

I lost 15 pounds during the 30 days.  I currently weigh what I weighed when I went into surgery.  I didn’t take my measurements, but really wish I had.  I know I lost inches, just not sure how many.  My clothes fit better and there’s less jiggling and bouncing going on.  I’m pretty happy where I am, but I would like to lose a few more pounds.  I know any extra weight makes my hip recovery a little more challenging.

Where do I go from here?  I’m going to transition into a being a little less hyper vigilant and a lot less obnoxious about what I eat.  The biggest benefit this will provide is being able to eat out more.  It’s extremely cheap to eat out here – much cheaper than cooking every night.  Not having to worry about little things, like whats in the fish sauce or if they put sugar in the som tam (they did, they always do), will make life much easier.  I’ll also be adding small amounts of dairy back in. I love and miss a good latte.  Red wine and dark chocolate – welcome back (in moderation, of course.)

Will I continue to show up here?  Probably.  I won’t be posting multiple pics a day of what I’m eating.  I enjoyed doing that, but I also felt I was leaving out some interesting details – like ingredient substitutions I had to make because I just couldn’t find something here and my opinions on the recipes.  Did we like them, where they easy, would I make them again?  We’ll see where I go with that.

For now, here’s what I had for lunch.

Pomelo Salad with Crispy Pork.  Crispy Pork is basically pork chips.  Which should totally be a thing.  Maybe they are, Michelle Tam at Nom Nom Paleo has a recipe for Porkitos! and they sound a lot like these.  I will be making them.

I also like being able to keep track of what I’m doing (exercise wise) and might not mind adding in some details of how my hip is coming along.  Not sure if I will or won’t, I guess we’ll know soon enough.  So what did I do today?  Some active rest, which for today involved some walking.