About Me

I’m a wife. (22+ years.)

I’m a mom. (20+ years.)

I’m an American. (44+ years.)

I’m an expat. (7+ years.)

I live in Thailand.  (7+ years.)

When I turned 40 (2010) I was in the worst shape of my life.  I was what people kindly call a big girl and I was well aware of it.  I knew I needed to make a change and I was ready to take on that challenge.  I spent 4 years getting into the best shape of my adult life.  I took up CrossFit and weight lifting.  I lost 100 lbs.  I felt good.  I know now that I was a bit charmed on the road to a fitter, healthier me.  I started counting calories and coupled with Couch to 5K I progressed by leaps and bounds.  Within the same month I discovered CrossFit.  I excelled at CrossFit.  I wasn’t on the road to winning the CrossFit Games or anything and that wasn’t my goal.  My goal was to be healthy and fit.  CrossFit was an amazing tool to accomplish that goal.   I discovered the paleo diet and found that my body was keen to run on fat and not carbs.  With the support of my family and the owner of my local CrossFit box (CrossFit Chiang Mai) I attended the CrossFit Level 1 course (I passed the exam) and started coaching classes.

I ran several 10ks and a 1/2 marathon.  I came to the conclusion that running is stupid, but I still did it. Everything was great, until it wasn’t.  In early 2014 my body began to fail me – or more specifically my hip began to fail me.  Squatting didn’t feel right.  I developed a pain that wasn’t like any muscle soreness pain I’d felt before, but I figured it was okay and just soldiered on.  I made it through the CrossFit open feeling a bit beat up and achey, but sort of thought that was an age issue.  Then I signed up (and showed up) to run  a 7k obstacle course.  On the course I knew something was wrong.  Really wrong – I resorted to walking.  I wasn’t in pain, but I also didn’t feel right.  I did all the obstacles the whole time asking myself if this was a good idea.  I finished.  And that was the last time I walked upright without the aid of a cane.  It was also the last time I was pain free – prior to surgery.

I returned home and began to search google.  I couldn’t find any answers there.  A fellow trainer at my gym told me he suspected it might be osteonecrosis (that means bone death).  I googled that and it was really, really scary.  But it did motivate me to go see a sports medicine doctor.  He did some X-rays and sent me for an MRI.  His diagnosis was suspected Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI).  He also said there was nothing they could do about that here.  Long story short, I ended up going to America to have arthroscopic surgery to repair my right hip (May 28, 2014).  He shaved the hip bone and the femur and he repaired the labrum.  3 weeks after the surgery I returned to Thailand and continued my physical therapy here.







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