I’ve read (on the internet, so it must be true) that if you take a picture of what you eat, everything you eat, it can help you be accountable.  I don’t exactly know how that works (more detail was probably provided after the jump), but obviously it was convincing enough. I’ve conveniently just started a Whole30 and I’m going to follow the 30 day theme for food picture taking.  We’ll see how it goes.

I’m also in need of some workout accountability and I’m gonna assume taking a photo related to what I did and posting it will help, too.

The Whole30 is over.  I enjoyed posting pics everyday and I do believe it helped me stay on track.  It encouraged me to cook more, to add more variety to our meals (who wants to post the same pics over and over?) and it did create some accountability for me.  I call that a win all around.  Now that that’s over I think I do want to continue here.  Most likely I’ll continue by posting paleo finds I come across in Chiang Mai and recipes I cook with some commentary and sacrifices that must be made because I don’t live where some of the paleo ingredients are available.  I believe that fish sauce with some sugar in it is a better decision for me than ordering it from the states and having it shipped 1/2 way across the world just to avoid the 2% sugar that’s in our local fish sauce.  Soy sauce vs. coconut aminos?  Unless I have them on hand from a trip back home, I’ll choose soy sauce every time.  I don’t mind these compromises.

I’m also recovering from FAI surgery.  The timeline for recovery is one year.  I’ve got 5 months left in that 12 month period so I might include some of those challenges and victories.



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